midwest strain

5th Generation (2020)

GAS conducted independent research into the most reliable seed stocks for this year and selected Midwest Strain for its multi-year track record of compliance, stability, yield, and durability. 

​2019 Statistics

  • 18.25 million seeds sold to 350 growers in 35 states

  • 0 reports of issues or failed THC compliance tests


Produced and distributed from only 1 facility for guaranteed consistency


“The thick stalks and offshoots of the Midwest Strain plants allowed us to avoid any scaffolding or reinforcement on these plants whatsoever, even through winds that destroyed portions of our other less naturally reinforced fields. This meant major cost savings throughout the season labor-wise, including at harvest time. Midwest Strain exhibited extreme resilience to mold as well, and not one plant was lost to any disease.”

high yielding

“Harvesting Midwest Strain for flower took easily twice the time of other strains in comparable numbers, as it had easily twice the flower development in half of the footprint of our other varieties.”

overcomes challenges

“There are a lot of factors throughout a season during germination, veg, flower, and especially drying and curing which can completely ruin a crop. The Midwest Strain genetics are bred to overcome a lot of these challenges intrinsically, while also producing extreme flower weight for its footprint, with a quality smokable result.”

Quality genetics are the primary factor in a successful hemp harvest.


GAS offers feminized CBD seeds at market price with zero mark-up thanks to exclusive distribution partnerships. We carefully vet our sources to select the most dependable batches on the market based on certifications, credentials, and performance history. Oftentimes farmers are baited into buying genetics with first-run test results taken from indoor controlled-climate harvests. For 2020, we provide our farmers with the confidence of a stabilized 5th generation cultivar with years of data taken from outdoor harvests around the world.


Our seed producers maintain the integrity of organic, and sustainable techniques, making the product one of the most sought after in the business. The seed has been tailor-bred for genetic stability to keep your field's THC levels within state and federal compliance standards. Understanding the importance of quality and reliability, seeds are meticulously screened at every step of the growing process before they are carefully packaged to prevent post-harvest contamination.


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